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Hello friends! Welcome to Red Fox Candle website :)

Thank you for visiting and reading this blog. I hope that you will find this useful to choose scents that will help you self-soothe in moments of anxiety.

Essential oils can have a positive impact on our wellbeing and when blended in a plant based candle you will have the opportunity to create a self-care ritual for yourself. Rituals can always change depending on how you feel but when you burn one of our candles I would encourage you to set an intention for yourself. Whether it’s an intention that supports your health and wellbeing or to protect your own energy for that particular day, take your time to re-connect with yourself while sitting in stillness.

There are three main scents that I would invite you to explore during moments of anxiety, when you feel overwhelmed and unsettled. The first one is our signature blend Lavender & Lemon: Lavender oil has very calming properties, helping you feel grounded and relaxed. Combined with the sweet scent of Lemon essential oil it will help you feel uplifted, shifting your anxious state to a warming, relaxing state. I would invite you to practice a simple breathing meditation exercise while burning this scent: find a comfortable way of sitting (whether it’s on a cushion or chair), feel the contact of your sitting bone to the surface beneath you, close your eyes down and start observing your breath. Place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your heart and breathe deeply into these areas. Imagine filling up your belly with air as you inhale and bring your belly button in towards your spine as you exhale. After a big exhale through your mouth, inhale through the nose for a count of 5 and exhale through the nose for a count of 5. You can continue for as long as you’d like, until you start feeling more calm and relaxed.

The second scent I would suggest is Rose & Patchouli: Patchouli has a rich earthy aroma, very distinctive and captivating. Combined with middle notes of Rose oil it will create a healing, relaxing atmosphere in your home. Patchouli oil is grounding and centering, combined with Rose oil this scent can help you combat low moods and high levels of anxiety, healing your nervous system and making you feel calm and safe within yourself. I would invite you to journal while burning this candle. What would you need the most when you feel anxious? How can you reassure and nurture yourself? After journaling, place your right hand on your forehead and your left hand on the back of your head. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders, chest and belly. Take 3 deep breaths into the nose and out through the nose and repeat this affirmation as many times as you need: “I flow with ease and gentleness, safe in my body. I am loved. I am safe. I am nurtured.”

The third scent I would recommend is Vanilla & Patchouli: The sweet scent of Vanilla combined with base notes of Patchouli can be incredibly healing and soothing. This scent can help you open and re-connect with your Heart Chakra. This candle can be lit during meditation and if you regularly use crystals in your rituals I would recommend accompanying this scent with rose quartz to promote self healing and self compassion. During your meditation, imagine a rose slowly opening up around your heart space. Flourishing and blooming, radiating a pink and green light from your heart, all the way up to the crown of your head, spiralling down your spine, your sitting bone, making its way up to your abdomen and back to your heart space. Imagine being cocooned and nurtured by this light, letting go of what no longer serves you. After this practice take your time to reflect on what came up for you and if you feel called you can write down what new parts of yourself you are ready to welcome and embody.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions with regards to the scents do not hesitate to email me at Thank you for reading and for being here :)

Silvia x

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