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The story of Red Fox Candle and its founder

Picture of Silvia Costa


Red Fox Candle is an independent business, founded in Surrey by Silvia Costa. At Red Fox Candle we believe in the power of nature and scents as a tool during our healing journey, cultivating self-compassion and a strong connection within ourselves. The Red Fox on our logo represents bravery, the ability to adapt to changes and thrive in different environments. As long as we continue to guide ourselves from a place of acceptance and compassion and listen to our inner teacher, we as humans can become responsive and empowered as the fox, no matter the challenges presented to us. Inspired by nature, our scents can help you feel calm and grounded. Lighting one of our candles can be an opportunity to pause and set an intention for yourself, soaking all of the healing benefits of that particular fragrance.

Our soy candles are hand-poured and blended with essential oils to provide a more natural and sustainable environment for your home and wellbeing.


Red Fox Candle was founded by Silvia in 2017. Initially started as a hobby, Silvia discovered candle making and aromatherapy as a mindful tool during intense periods of anxiety and depression. Alongside meditation and yoga, Silvia always enjoyed spending time in nature to feel more calm and centred. The natural woodland scents gave Silvia the idea to combine aromatherapy with self-healing and self-love. Silvia is passionate about Mental Health and the human’s innate potential to live a conscious, mindful and authentic life.